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2016-2017 Application for College of Liberal Arts Transfer Student Scholarships

Application deadline: May 13, 2016

Please read the application instructions at the College of Liberal Arts Transfer Student Scholarships web site before submitting your application. All fields are required with the exception of questions 2 and 17.

Personal information

  1. Name


  3. Current Address

  4. Phone

  5. The College of Liberal Arts awards scholarships on the basis of academic merit and financial need. Please provide the following information.

    1. $

    2. Are you a child in a single-parent home?


  1. Are you an international student without permanent United States residency?

    1. If yes, what is your current visa status?

Academic information

  1. What type of credits were they?

  2. Have you taken any Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate tests?

  3. (Example: Spring 2010)


  1. For those students who have decided on a major, this statement should focus primarily on academic pursuits and interests. Include autobiographical material only if it is clearly pertinent to academics.

    For those students who have not made a final decision on a major, this statement should focus on academic interests in the College of Liberal Arts. You may also include autobiographical material that can assist us in understanding your college experiences as you pursue your goals.

  2. If you have been working while attending school, raising a family, or meeting other responsibilities, you may include that information.


Note: Information from your admission application (e.g., activities and award information, high school and transfer transcripts, etc.) will also be used to consider you for scholarships.

Privacy statement: All information on this application form is private. Information will be shared with offices within the University and may be released to outside organizations and government bodies in limited circumstances as authorized by state or federal law. Failure to provide the information may delay or affect the scholarship decision.

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